Knowing and Accepting Fertility Issues As A Couple

Are you trying to conceive for quite some years now but pregnancy just isn't happening. If the answer to this is yes than you and your partner has a fertility issue that you need to check out and take an opinion from a fertility expert. By reading this you take out some time to learn and understand Infertility and it's associated issues. Doctors call it Infertility when a female doesn't get pregnant after a year of regular sexual intercourse without using any birth control measures under the age of 35 yrs. And if you are a woman over 35 yrs , this timeline changes to 6 months of regular intercourse without using any contraception. Infertility doesn't necessarily mean that you or your partner are sterile. Half of you as a couple who take a fertility opinion conceive either on their own with a little guidance and the rest will conceive for sure with a medical help. Infertility related issues can be present in either partner or both or at times in none of them what doctors refer to as Unexplained Infertility. What causes Infertility or Sub Fertility in Men ? > low sperm count which means that you have too less ( Oligospermia ) or no sperms in your semen ( Azoospermia ) > low sperm motility which means your sperms don't move as well as they should ( Teratozoospermia ) > poor sperm morphology which means you have abnormally formed sperm ( Asthenozoospermia ) > obstruction in sperm ducts > infection in testicles or history of any injury in past > exposure to chemicals , radiotherapy , chemotherapy > alcohol intake and or smoking > men above 40 years have low fertility at times What causes Infertility or Sub fertility in Women ? The main reason for not conceiving in women is when she doesn't ovulate which means she doesn't release an egg from her ovary . A condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome mostly causes this problem. Problems with Fallopian tubes which are mostly responsible for carrying eggs from ovaries to the uterus and also for fertilisation and movement of fertilised embryo from tube to uterus for implantation are another common causes of Infertility. Tubes get blocked by infections like tuberculosis, endometriosis , chlamydia , gonorrhoea etc. In women factors like obesity , being underweight , smoking , excessive alcohol consumption , advanced age > 40 yrs can also play a vital role in achieving fertility. Multiple fibroids in uterus , polyps , adhesions inside uterus or septum , uterus anomalies , early menopause are some others causes which predispose a couple to Infertility and call for an opinion from your fertility expert.  

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