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Dr. Leena Yadav, a Consultant Gynecologist & Specialist in Fertility and Assisted Conception is based in Gurugram, Haryana.

She specializes in handling couples who have difficulty in conception , have fertility issues and or need Assisted Conception (IVF/ICSI and related procedures)to overcome their infertility. 
She is an MD-OBGY, and an MBBS along with DGO. She did her FOGSI recognised fellowship in IVF in 2011. Further up gradation was done to enhance her knowledge of infertility and she look certification for ultrasound and Doppler’s related to infertility.

Educational Highlights:

Fellowship in IVF – Affiliated thru FOGSI
Certifications in USG & Doppler’s in infertility

Disciplined and confident, and a fertility care expert having a strong background working in the initial days of her career with the pioneers in the field of IVF who created the World’s first IVF baby – Louise Brown, for 4 years from UK, England she mastered in ART treatments during these years, treated hundreds of infertile couples . And has numerous success stories on her name.
She is presently based as a Senior Consultant fertility with C.K Birla Hospital for women and Miracles fertility clinic At Gurugram (Hry).

Her preferred clinical areas of interest are:
1. Couples with recurrent IVF failures or implantation failures.
2. Females with recurrent pregnancy losses.
3. Altered or damaged endometrial receptivity causing multiple failed IVF
4. Advanced age infertile couples struggling for parenthood
5. Fertility preservation or egg and sperm freezing – semen or sperm or oocytes.
6. Fertility related issues with females having endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS and premature ovarian failures
7. Male factor infertility management along with Andrology Team support.

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